We offer the following Curbside pick ups: Weekly, Bi-Monthly & Monthly. Discount for Paying annually (Call for pricing)


"Please roll your container out the night before you service day, route times may change and you will only be guaranteed a pick up if you have it rolled out the night before"


We work on most all Holidays, you will always receive a notice if your day will need to be changed . "When in Doubt, Roll it out"


30 Yard Construction Dumpster as well as smaller(call for pricing)


4yd & 8yd Dumpster for Stores and other businesses.(Call for pricing)


Bulk Pick-up / Yard Debris-Furniture, Misc Large items, Tree limbs, and bushes. -(Call for pricing)


"When in Doubt, Roll it out"



P.O. Box 218 Alexis, NC 28006 Office: 704-263-2340 Fax: 704-263-2340